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Franchise Profiles: MidiCi and Club Pilates

Finding an original business idea in the franchise world isn’t always easy. And when you combine that with trying to find something that will appeal to the Millennial generation and at the same time allow you to keep your day job while you are building the business - it can be like trying to spot [...]

Tips for Starting a Semi-Absentee Franchise While Keeping Your Day Job

A semi-absentee franchise is a great option for anyone who needs the security of a regular job and paycheck while they are building their business. Some franchisees dream of leaving the daily grind of their job once they build their business, while others may love their job and wish to do both. Whatever camp you [...]

Exactly what is a ?semi-absentee? Canadian franchise?

If you’ve been shopping around for a Canadian franchise for any length of time, you’ve no doubt run into the phrase “semi-absentee franchise.” While for some, this might conjure up the image of sipping piña coladas on some tropical beach while the money flows into your account, that is not quite what it means. Rather, [...]