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Intro to Franchise Business Agreements and Renewals

A franchise business agreement (often just called a franchise agreement) is the contract between a franchisor and a franchisee that outlines the relationship between the two parties and what is expected from each party to make the relationship work. All franchise agreements should be read in full (yes, they’re tedious and full of weird language [...]

History of Labor Day and Dreams of Becoming a Boss

Yesterday, the U.S. celebrated Labor Day. For a great many of us—maybe not so much franchisees—it’s an extra day off, making a beautiful three-day weekend to herald the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It’s also a time of reflection for both workers and for bosses. So, in this edition of FranNet’s blog, [...]

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Franchising is for all ages, not just “Second Acts”

Once upon a time, the typical franchisee was a clichéd stereotype. A successful business-driven, almost retiree, certainly male and with a large nest egg of saved money ready to begin the “Second Act” of his career by owning a franchise of his own, thus becoming his own boss. Oh yeah, we signed up a lot [...]

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What You Need to Know About Food Franchising in Canada

Fast food is the classic franchising business, but now you can find all kinds of food franchising opportunities from upscale restaurants to candy, smoothies, ice cream, coffee and health food. The International Franchise Association (IFA) estimates that about one-third of all franchises are related in some way to food. And food is big business. According [...]

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What will you do with your new found flexibility?

During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we have a question for you. Once you fulfill your entrepreneurial promise, what will you do with your new found flexibility? Trust us when we say that flexibility is one of the biggest attributes to becoming your own boss. And admittedly, it’s probably going to take some getting used [...]

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Do You Believe in Testimonials?

During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we pose an important question to our budding entrepreneurial audience—do you believe in franchise testimonials? Company’s such as ours are proud of the testimonials given by our satisfied clients who have gone on to become successful franchise owners. In fact, we think they’re an integral part of the investigative [...]

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Should You Buy an Existing Franchise or Start Your Own?

Sometimes buying a franchise doesn’t mean engaging with the franchisor and starting a business from scratch, sometimes it means purchasing an existing franchise location. Much like standalone businesses, franchises can be sold if the owner doesn’t want to be in that business anymore. The franchise can either choose to purchase that location from the franchisee [...]

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Developing incentive programs to speed up growth

During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to delve into the subject of developing incentive programs to speed up your growth and profitability. First—a cold hard fact. Our customers are evolving. They’re becoming more savvy, more conscientious, more discerning, prone to online review histories and price-conscious. Wrap that up into one amalgamation and you [...]

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What to Expect on Discovery Day

During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to inform you on what to expect if you’re invited to a Discovery Day event. In layman’s terms, a Discovery Day is an in-person meet and greet with representatives from a franchise concept that you’re considering. It’s typically reserved for serious buyers only, no tire kickers. But, [...]

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How to Read a Franchise Disclosure Document

Last week, we looked at what the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) recommends franchisors include in their Franchise Disclosure Documents. This week, we will discuss how to read one of these documents, which are brimming with useful information for prospective franchisees.  The Franchisor, its Predecessor, and its Affiliates This is an overview of the brand’s history, [...]