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FranNet Featured Franchise Opportunities – Canada Spring 2019

  FranNet Featured Franchise Opportunities: We represent around 90 franchise concepts and are seeing a high level of interest in the following opportunities.  While these may be of specific interest to you, FranNet’s process is to help our clients to build their ideal business model before ever making introductions to specific franchisors. If you are [...]

FranNet Featured Franchise Opportunities – Canada 2019

Thank you for your form submission and request for more information about franchise ownership!   FranNet Featured Franchise Opportunities: We represent over 60 franchise concepts and are seeing a high level of interest in the following opportunities.  While these may be of specific interest to you, FranNet’s process is to help our clients to build [...]

The Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

There is no better career transition than changing the course of your professional career towards putting yourself in control over your own success. This what leads many professionals into becoming business owners through franchising. At FranNet, our business consultants of New Jersey and New York can work with you and help you choose the best [...]

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Five Hurdles to Overcome for Franchise Ownership

There are many hurdles that someone interested in business needs to overcome.  Here are some typical hurdles that we see that you need to think about before exploring business ownership. 1.) Budget: Perhaps the most common issue for not exploring or going into business for one’s self is an individual’s budget.  And this is not [...]

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Finding Franchise Opportunities: 3 Pointers For Reviewing Franchisor Financial Statements

Finding franchise opportunities isn’t easy on your own. It’s hard enough to find reliable information about the franchisor you’re researching given that most do their best to present their brand in the best possible light; but making sense of financial statements and Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) is even tougher. Navigating legal and financial documents is a [...]

How to Research a Franchise through FranNet

Canadian franchises generate over $68 billion each year, and provide thousands of job opportunities to keep our economy moving in the right direction. Buying into the franchise system is really one of the safest ways to start your own business -- and exciting franchise opportunities are abundant!   Are you ready to start learning how to [...]

5 Reasons to Learn More About Canadian Franchises

Each year, thousands of prospective business owners decide to invest in franchise opportunities spread across Canada. These new franchisees are attracted to the franchise system for a multitude of reasons. Today, the FranNet team discusses 5 reasons why people just like you are motivated to learn more about Canadian franchises and specific opportunities in their area.   [...]

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The Stages Of Your Business Ownership Journey

When considering business ownership, it is easy to think about the short-term effects it will have on your life. There are a great deal of changes that occur in the first year, but what about ten years down the road? Part of the research and planning process involves realistically imagining your life with the business you choose [...]

How Franchise Opportunities Differ from Other Types of Small Business Opportunities in Canada

There are so many small business opportunities in Canada that the would-be entrepreneur can often feel overwhelmed with the choices. In addition to deciding on what goods or services to offer, where to locate, etc. you will need to decide whether you are more suited to franchise ownership or to starting your own business from [...]

Hats Off To You, College Grads

If you’re in your early twenties, this post is for you. At this moment in life, you are most likely overwhelmed with some of the toughest questions you’ve ever faced. It probably goes something like this: what will you choose for a career? What are your strengths? Are you prepared enough to be an entrepreneur [...]