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Franchisor Versus Franchisee: Roles and Responsibilities

Before you buy a franchise, it’s important to know the responsibilities that come with it. In today’s post, we break down the roles of franchisee and franchisor, outlining the different responsibilities involved with each. Roles and Responsibilities of the Franchisee Once you buy a franchise, you become a franchisee. Though your priorities will be to [...]

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How to Buy a Franchise: Understanding the Basics

In today’s post, we explain some franchise fundamentals for readers looking to buy a franchise. What is a franchise? Distilled to its essence, a franchise is a business strategy and structure that follows a proven roadmap to success. When you become a franchisee, you don’t “buy” a franchise, but rather license their brand name, operational systems, [...]

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Learn to Buy A Franchise: Understanding Franchise Fees

Franchise fees are perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of owning a franchise. Some entrepreneurs look at a franchise fee as a superfluous expense - something nobody needs during start-up when money is tight  - but those within the system know better. In today’s post, we explain the reality of franchise fees in hopes [...]

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Start a Business or Buy a Franchise? FranNet’s 3-Point Analysis

Since you’re reading the FranNet blog, it’s safe to say that you’re considering opening a franchise in your area. Congratulations; you’ve already gotten past one of the biggest roadblocks to being your own boss - getting started!   If you’re still in the research phase, it’s also likely that you’ve reached a crossroads that every franchise [...]

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Funding Options – FranNet works with qualified lenders

As it pertains to visualizing your entrepreneurial path in life, we want you to know that when it comes to funding options, FranNet works with qualified lenders. The world of finance for franchising and small businesses can be quite complex, but in this week’s blog edition, we’re going to do our best to keep things [...]