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FranchiseCanada Show recap: Calgary and Toronto

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) held two shows in February. The FranchiseCanada Show stopped in Calgary Feb. 10 & 11 and Toronto Feb. 24 & 25 to provide information and encouragement to prospective franchise business owners in Eastern and Western Canada. Calgary Canadian entrepreneurs who were looking for a head start in business ownership got to connect [...]

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Breaking Down the IFA’s 2018 Franchise Business Outlook

We hope you’ll agree that 2018 has gotten off to a pretty good start, economically speaking. While the stock market has had a couple of dips—corrections if you will—the balance sheet for the country still shows a good amount of strength for business development. And that’s good news for all budding entrepreneurs considering a foray [...]

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What you Need to Know About Real Estate Franchising in Canada

Real estate will always be a hot commodity, so there is never a bad time to get into the real estate business. Franchising in the real estate industry has many benefits, whether you are planning to start a franchise from scratch or you are planning to convert an already established independent real estate brokerage into [...]

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4 Obstacles to Overcome in Franchising

For those of us out there quietly contemplating a future in which they become their own boss, there will always be some form of nagging doubt. The supremely overconfident entrepreneur is a dangerous species, as FranNet preaches a calculated and measured approach to entering the world of franchising. We hear common refrains that we need [...]

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A Look at Provincial Legislation for Protecting Franchisees: New Brunswick

In our ongoing series exploring the various franchising laws in Canada, we’ve thus far looked at the franchising legislation of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. These are four of the six provinces within Canada that have legislation specific to franchises. This month, we’ll check out an overview of New Brunswick’s franchising law. The other [...]

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Keep Your Day Job Through Semi-Absentee Ownership

During the franchise investigative process—whereby you, a budding entrepreneur will commence learning about all things related to owning a business of your own, you’ll come across a term that’s exactly what it sounds like. Semi-absentee. No, it’s not a call for banning tractor-trailers on the interstate, but rather a specific business model within franchising designed [...]

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Visibility: Partner Your Franchise with a Local Nonprofit 

During today’s edition of the FranNet blog, we’re going to take a look at a fairly common outreach tactic that can help your franchise or small business increase its visibility footprint within the local community. And you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction with this suggestion. This is all about finding a suitable nonprofit partner, right [...]

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5 Fantastic Books Every Franchisee Should Read

Starting a business is a huge decision. Even if you decide to get a head start and join a franchise, you are taking a big risk. That’s why it’s always preferable to get some help when you’re taking this leap. Your franchise broker will obviously help you out and whatever franchise you join will lend [...]

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Is Franchising a “Couples Friendly” Business Opportunity?

Don’t look now, but Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and it’s approaching fast for all you men out there still lacking a plan. Pro-tip—make sure the florist shop on your commute home stays open past 6 p.m. on weeknights and you should be fine. In all seriousness though, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Fortune Magazine [...]

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Former Presidents Who Owned Their Own Businesses

In just a little over a week, our nation will celebrate the annual President’s Day holiday. The third Monday of the month, this year falling on Feb. 19, marks an annual tradition in which America celebrates George Washington's Birthday (actually the 22nd). It was first observed as a holiday in 1880. President’s Day was bestowed [...]

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