You’re your own worst critic, right?

Group laughing - candid shot.Confidence is one of the most important qualities you should embody in almost every aspect of life. It’s a major factor in building a lifestyle you’re proud of, yet it often finds a way to destroy our goals instead of bring us closer to them. This has a lot to do with how confidence is linked to criticism, especially self-criticism. Many of us are good at making ourselves feel worse, not better.

In the world of business, confidence will get you all the way to where you want to be. Too often, intelligent, capable people are left to wonder “what if” because of their crushing self-doubt. What if you stood up for your ideas and presented your thoughts in a meeting? What if you started your own business and went after your dream? What if you took chances and stepped outside of your comfort zone? They pile up and the constant self-doubt and criticism will derail and distract you.

Let your mistake remain what they were always intended to be: learning experiences! When you change your inner voice to start accepting your mistakes as such and move forward, it will show at work and at home. After you stop your self-critical responses, you will find it easier to be confident in your decisions and work will be a place to shine and not hide.

On the flip side, a little self-criticism done the right way can be very beneficial. You should self-evaluate your work ethic and look for ways to improve, which in turn improves your business. The key is to focus on your behaviors, not attributes. Constructive self-criticism is centered on a more optimistic approach with a focus on specific and modifiable areas in need of improvement. Recognize what you struggle with and approach it with the attitude that it is not because something is wrong with you, but instead that you can overcome it and revise bad habits.

Exude self-confidence while also being mindful of your habits and tendencies. Remember that everyone will deal with self-criticism and doubt in their day, as J.M. Barrie said: “We are all failures- at least the best of us are.”