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Inspiration for Franchise Owners

We all know that starting and maintaining a business takes hard work, dedication and passion among other things. Nevertheless, there are times when it just helps to look at successful people who have gone before us. They didn’t start out successful, but they fought their way through and can now be an inspiration to new [...]

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Franchisee Profile: Oliver Guminski

People leave the corporate world to start a franchise for a number of reasons. Sometimes, people are the victims of downsizing – other times they leave because their jobs simply aren’t matching up any longer with their lifestyle goals. Such was the case with FranNet client, Oliver Guminski. For the last 30 years, Oliver had [...]

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Franchise Profiles: MidiCi and Club Pilates

Finding an original business idea in the franchise world isn’t always easy. And when you combine that with trying to find something that will appeal to the Millennial generation and at the same time allow you to keep your day job while you are building the business - it can be like trying to spot [...]

Tips for Starting a Semi-Absentee Franchise While Keeping Your Day Job

A semi-absentee franchise is a great option for anyone who needs the security of a regular job and paycheck while they are building their business. Some franchisees dream of leaving the daily grind of their job once they build their business, while others may love their job and wish to do both. Whatever camp you [...]

FranNet of Dallas/Fort Worth success story

FranNet DFW and 9Round Keller share their stories. Enjoy the video, and then if you'd like to know more about franchise opportunities in the DFW area, register for this special one-day event in Dallas and Fort Worth, and meet successful franchisors interested in expanding in DFW! LEARN MORE HERE

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How to Turn Around Your Business Mistakes in Your Canadian Franchise

As a business owner, there will be times when things just don’t work out quite as you had planned. But don’t let that discourage you. Did you know that some of the world’s most successful people failed many times before getting to where they are today? Thomas Edison took more than 1000 tries before he [...]

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Married and Operating a Franchise Together

Are you thinking about getting into a franchise business but would like to do it with a partner? And is the business partner that you’re thinking of also happen to be your life partner? Operating a franchise business with your spouse or significant other can be a wonderful adventure, but there are also some pretty [...]

Three Traits That Will Hurt Your Franchise Business

As an entrepreneur, you already know that you possess many positive traits that can help you succeed in your franchise business. But it’s important to remember that everyone also has not-so-positive traits that – if allowed to flourish – can do serious harm to one’s business. Today we are going to look at three negative [...]

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Adjust Your Clock Forward and See If It’s the Right Time for Franchising…

Will North Texas remain the land of opportunity for small business owners? At FranNet DFW, we believe the answer is a resounding “Yes!” In honor of the time change, let’s “spring forward” 15 years and peek at some projections from the North Central Texas Council of Governments. This advisory organization has put a lot of [...]

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Some parents live by the philosophy of starting ‘em young when it comes to preparing for the future while others will argue to let kids be kids. However, they might not be as innocent as they think. Your children’s seemingly harmless toys are playing a role in their future career choices. You never know, you [...]

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