The Most Important People Who Help New Jersey Franchisees Reach Their Goals

No one would dispute the fact that it is important for every New Jersey franchisee to set goals. Goal setting is an important part of any business – it gives entrepreneurs a yardstick by which to measure their progress and success. But while setting and reaching goals can be a deeply personal pursuit, it is [...]

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Why You Should Stop Multi-Tasking in Your Franchise Business

These days, people are always talking about multi-tasking. They wear their busyness and their so-called ability to handle multiple tasks at once as a badge of honor. But the truth is, if you are multitasking in your franchise business, you are probably not giving it your best. In fact, you are probably being a lot [...]

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Two Franchise Funding Options Offered with Benetrends

One of the most common concerns of those looking to invest in their own franchise is how they will get the necessary funding. That’s why FranNet has partnered with Benetrends Financial in order to help prospective entrepreneurs get the start-up dollars they need to make their franchise dreams a reality. The business community in general [...]

Advantages of multi-unit franchise ownership in New York

Some people find that franchise units are like tattoos – they can’t have just one. Have you ever been driving through a neighborhood and passed a franchise unit – then passed another unit of the same franchise only five or ten minutes later? If you have, there is a pretty good chance that those units [...]

Feeling a Little Drained?

It doesn’t matter: if you are a young entrepreneur or experienced, there are challenges that will arise that will make or break your goal of becoming successful. A major hurdle to overcome will be staying energized and avoiding burnout through your intense and sustaining workload. Truly, this is a challenge almost every professional must work [...]

Overcome Burnout and Forge Ahead

It’s okay, you can admit it. You’re definitely not alone, some may experience once in their lives while others go through it multiple times. It’s the dreaded burnout, the ever-building struggle of staying energized and passionate about your profession. A business owner endures a demanding mix of energy, knowledge, and constant innovation. It’s no surprise that [...]

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