All About Fees – Understanding Your Expenses for Your Franchise Business

Like any other type of business, starting a franchise comes with a number of expenses that must be paid by the business owner. These include some costs that are common to all businesses as well as fees that are specific to the franchise world. When you are trying to understand the fees related to your [...]

Is this franchise right for me? Signs it may not be.

As a prospective franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to review a wide assortment of franchise opportunities. You may be introduced to a company you have never even heard of before and find that it is the ideal fit as your step out into the world of entrepreneurship. Or you may investigate further into [...]

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Puppies and Kittens and Goldfish, Oh My! A look at two very different franchise models in the pet industry

At FranNet, we are commonly asked what the most recession resistant industries are. While there are several, today’s blog focuses on one that has seen steady growth over the past 20 years and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. That industry is the pet industry. In the United States, it is clear [...]

How Long Before I Start Making Money with Franchising in New Jersey?

One of the primary reason investors get into franchising is to make their money work for them. This is the case no matter if you live in New Jersey or California. For that reason, most folks looking into franchises ultimately want a situation where the business makes money for them sooner rather than later. But [...]