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How Site Selection Benefits Your Franchise Business

A common misconception about owning a franchise business is that the number one cause of failure is due to poor management. Make no mistake – that is a frequent cause, but another leading cause in determining success or failure of a new franchise business is the location. This is particularly true for businesses that rely [...]

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Tips for Making the Transition from Your Day Job to the World of Franchising

When you are ready to leave the corporate world and begin working for yourself, franchising is an excellent way to make that transition.  Franchising is one form of business ownership that can be explored in varying degrees.  There is the position of a semi-absentee owner that is content to sit back and let the hired [...]

Exactly what is a ?semi-absentee? Canadian franchise?

If you’ve been shopping around for a Canadian franchise for any length of time, you’ve no doubt run into the phrase “semi-absentee franchise.” While for some, this might conjure up the image of sipping piña coladas on some tropical beach while the money flows into your account, that is not quite what it means. Rather, [...]

Funding Your Small Business Franchise in New York

Many would be entrepreneurs have dreams of starting their own small business franchise in New York but are held back because they don’t see how they would be able to fund such a venture. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for funding available if you know where to look. The following is an outline of just [...]

Featured Franchisee Crystal Anderson – How an Entrepreneur Emerged Out of Corporate Downsizing

Many people assume that owning a franchise is not for them because it involves making a huge financial investment – when they think of franchising, their minds naturally turn large food franchises like Subway and McDonalds. This was the case with Crystal Anderson. Crystal’s journey into the world of franchising began after her management job [...]

Are Franchise Opportunities a Good Choice for the First Time Business Owner?

If you’ve ever thought about leaving the corporate world and going into business for yourself, you may be wondering whether it’s better to strike out on your own or investigate some franchise opportunities. While building a business from the ground up typically takes less start-up capital and allows for more creativity, there are several great [...]

How Franchise Opportunities Differ from Other Types of Small Business Opportunities in Canada

There are so many small business opportunities in Canada that the would-be entrepreneur can often feel overwhelmed with the choices. In addition to deciding on what goods or services to offer, where to locate, etc. you will need to decide whether you are more suited to franchise ownership or to starting your own business from [...]

Is it still possible to be original?

In a world filled with over 7 billion people, is it still possible to be original when it comes to our own thoughts and creations, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship? Or is every idea we have just a form of stealing, copying or borrowing?   We are told that to accomplish originality, and by [...]