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Top Franchises in NY Making Dreams Happen: 3 More Things You Missed at IFE 2015

The 2015 International Franchise Expo was a huge success, drawing in premium franchises and enthusiastic business prospectors from around the world for an exciting two-day event in New York's Javits Center. Everywhere you looked, you would be staring at one of the top franchises in NY. The event was a memorable one that sparked self-starter [...]

It is never too late to be what you might have been.””

It’s almost like George Eliot was speaking straight to the late blooming entrepreneurs. Most of us reach a certain age and feel it’s too late to start chasing old fantasies and begin again. The wonderful thing about success is its impromptu character – it could happen at anytime time in life for the wildest of [...]

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Have You Settled?

You successfully went through the process and now you own a franchise or new business. The first three years have passed on without too much trouble, and you have fallen in love with the freedom of being your own boss. For you, the hard part is over…or so you thought. Look 10 years…15…20 years down [...]

Where Do Powerful Ideas Hide?

Inspiration. It seems abundant one day and scarce the next, its unreliable tendencies taunt you constantly and it’s starting to show in your business. Take a moment and try this: stop obsessing over the need for a new idea, back away from your desk and take a walk. Powerful ideas are not hiding, they definitely [...]

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One Entrepreneur Went From Serving The Military To Serving His Community

After Rod Harvey retired from the Military, he knew he wanted to be a part of a something that positively contributed to others in his community. Today, he is the owner of 9Round Fitness. Located at 912 Coronado Blvd. Coronado Square, Universal City, Texas. Harvey’s decision to pursue franchise business ownership was largely influenced by [...]

The Truth About The Lies We Tell

Why do people lie? There are the ones we tell ourselves, the ones to get ahead, white lies, broken promises, exaggeration, deceptions, plagiarism and compulsive lying-there are so many ways we dodge the truth. In Bella DePaulo’s Ph.D. research, she found people lie during one in five of their daily interactions. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, says in her TED Talk that [...]

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Want to Own a Franchise in Canada? Speak to the Pros!

So you’ve finally decided to throw in the corporate towel and become your own boss. Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to join a growing number of Canadians who run their own business! Now the real work begins, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and do your homework. Remember the scene from the movie [...]

Does your online community care?

One of these three thoughts instantly crossed your mind. It was either: I don’t have an online community Of course, they love me No, they don’t and I forgot the passwords anyway None of these thoughts will lead to a engaged online community, so let’s begin with the first one. “I don’t have an online [...]

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3 Tips to Help Find the Top Franchise in NJ That’s Tailor-Made for You

  Franchise ownership is more popular than ever as people across America are starting to see the incredible value of being able to walk into an established business model and benefit from a vaunted brand name. If you are about to start evaluating franchise opportunities in New Jersey, why not inform your selection criteria by [...]

Franchise Consultant Gary Prenevost On Finding The Right Business Ownership Opportunity

Welcome to our monthly series “Meet Our Consultants,” where we’re putting the spotlight on our local franchise matchmaking experts. These franchise specialists work with individuals every day that are interested, considering or ready to become business owners.  Let’s meet … Gary Prenevost, Franchise Consultant of FranNet of Southern Ontario and Eastern Canada  Q: How long [...]